The truth about Children, Little Warriors

Children are out of this world—almost literally. They make you laugh, cry, pull your hair out, tear your heart out. If you have your own you get a powerful taste-but just a taste- of how big God’s love is.

Like some of us “grown-ups,” they don’t always fit so well into society.

Up to a certain age kids are:

  • naked and not ashamed,
  • trust without doubting,
  • fearless and faith-full,
  • totally humble- they do as they are told without questioning your motives,
  • they have no hidden agendas,
  • shout, jump, dance and don’t care if they look “foolish”,
  • they truly know how to “make a joyful noise to the Lord”,
  • they do not see different skin colors or gender, to them everyone is just a human being.
  • And if they do notice any differences, they don’t care.
  • They are free.

Sound like the Garden of Eden? Children remind us of who we truly are and give us hope that we truly belong to Someone.

But despite their preciousness and fragility, they are in some of the worst trouble ever. The news tells of horrible crimes against children, and crimes they themselves are committing are horrifying.child-armour

How can the most wonderful and innocent of the human race be exposed to and involved in these things?

Their precious minds and spirits are influenced greatly by the world around them. What we say, do, watch, listen to…they are sponges.

If you look on youtube you can find children indoctrinated with hate—hate these people because of X, kill these people because of Y…picket at funerals, protest at clinics, look, here’s how to hold a rifle… And many children, even at a very small age, are being sold and traded like animals. What’s happening?!!

Enough! Things can’t continue like this. As if suddenly there are so many needles in the haystack that its just needles!

What can we do? Start with our own kids. Guard their minds, teach them to love not hate, cover them in prayer, cover other kids in prayer…take a stand, help others where you can–there is so much we can do, just open your eyes and heart and I know we will find someway to help.

The battle is fierce and the greatest targets are the smallest, most vulnerable ones. Why? I believe they are the greatest threat to the darkness–because they shine so bright. Who did Jesus say was the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven? Who did He tell us to model? The little ones.

Children remind us and teach us about the real, true heart of God–from the sheer freedom and joy of life, to an overwhelming love and drive to protect them, if necessary, with our own lives.

Who knew adults could learn so much from babes?

“Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants
You have ordained strength,
Because of Your enemies,
That You may silence the enemy and the avenger.” (
Psalm 8:3)

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    Thank you.
    Yes, we must pray without ceasing — especially for the children… our children… all the children of the world.

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