WWVD? 9 Life Hacks from Voltron, Legendary Defender

The new Voltron (Netflix) blows my mind. I never saw the original (ahem, Thunder Cats), but 30 years later with my own kids, I’ve been longing for cartoons with solid stories and, uh, steady volume. We even blocked a few “kids” channels since so much was like junk food.

But Voltron-Legendary Defender has been a revelation. Rich story lines, deep and diverse characters, 23 glorious minutes of adventure and self-reflection.

One day my little had a meltdown about biking to school. We were running late so my eldest had to bike ahead. I hated separating and spontaneously called out, “What would Voltron do?!”

That got me thinking, so here’s my top 9 Voltron – Legendary Defender Life Hacks for a little fun and encouragement.

1.Complaining doesn’t solve problems.

The palladins (pilots) of Voltron went through heavy stuff—from galactic battles, to team struggles and personal/self- doubt. Of all 78 episodes I can count genuine outbursts and complaining on maybe one hand. These guys were amazing, genuine, and above all loyal.

Complaining kills mood and morale fast. And it spreads. Focusing on solutions and throwing in some positivity, even a laugh, can do wonders–if only for yourself. (click to tweet)

2. Unity is a Force to be Reckoned with.

Sometimes things got so bad for Voltron we didn’t think *he’d make it. Occasionally a palladin would remember they’re stronger together and something amazing would happen. The bond between the pilots even surpassed realm and reality–made this bible nerd gush (e.g. Ps. 133).

Creating Voltron in itself (5 people with 5 different visions, talents, etc., merging via the Lions) was a testimony to the power of Unity (see hack 3). Individually the Lions were hardcore, but through Voltron power and possibilities became infinite.

Snowflakes stop traffic when they get together.. (image, W. “Snowflake” Bentley)

3. Sometimes it’s through humility, flexibility, and letting go (certainly of pride) that greater strength is found.

Almost everyone wanted to lead Voltron at first, but the palladins quickly learned a desire for greater good over personal gain was needed to even create Voltron. When *he was finally formed, the palladins were thrilled–foot or hand, it didn’t matter. Everyone was critical to success.

You may feel like a misfit, but maybe the Universe can’t do without us–doesn’t a rainbow need all her colors to shine? (click to tweet)

bible-geek alert:
“From Him the whole body is fitted and held together by every supporting ligament. And as each individual part does its work, the body grows and builds itself up in Love… (Ephesians 4:16)

4. EVERYONE is in process– keep giving Grace/Time/Space to one another (including yourself!).

Part of what made Voltron so amazing was the intense backstories. To know why someone acts or reacts is golden. In reality, many give up (even on self), but the palladins were joined together in higher purpose– no plan B, for better or worse. This awareness allowed grace and understanding to flood the relationships, and their deep integrity and kindness extended even to enemies. #FirstClass <3

Couldn’t we all do with a bit more grace, acceptance, and encouragement? (click to tweet)

5. Everything in nature is connected– is Humanity any different?

Through Voltron we witness different strengths combining to make a better Whole. It’s part of the beauty of a marriage. And even when palladins were missing or taking time to figure their hearts or heritage (serious back stories!), there were no gaps–the Lions shuffled things to ensure there were always five pilots.

If I can’t manage something, my husband steps up. In teams, at work, in groups, etc. people combine their talents to reach a common goal. Imagine if neighborhoods, cities, nations worked like this..

(global) “Women’s March” (2016) following inauguration of 45th POTUS

Humanity, form Voltron!

6. It’s ok, even absolutely Necessary, to Be You. (warning: spoilers)

Keith was a troubled, rebel loner. He understood his tendency for recklessness and cutting-out, so when Shiro disappeared and a new lead palladin was needed, Keith despaired. Though every palladin tried, the Black Lion ultimately chose him.

Keith was desperate not to lead, pleaded, agony, heart still tormented by the loss of Shiro. Never before was he asked to hold such responsibility– lives would be dependent on his actions.

Keith eventually accepted the Lion’s choice, and made serious leadership errors along the way. However, viewers ultimately learn all he was, was exactly what was needed to lead Voltron at that time.

You may feel out of place, or completely unfit for whatever challenge(s) you face. Think again. (click to tweet)

7. Never underestimate the importance of breaks, rest, and fun.

Hunk was an advocate for food and its power to emotionally and socially heal. Pidge geeked-out on D&D games. Coran was a dramatist and space yodeler. For those constantly on guard or naturally serious, the others encouraged breaks and fun.

None of us can be “on” all the time. Save the worries about tomorrow for Tomorrow. (bible quote) (click to tweet)

8. Even if all hope seems lost, remember the Universe is in your favor. (spoilers)

Eventually we learn Voltron and the individual Lions have power and wisdom of their own. We also learn one palladin has Galra (major enemy) lineage, meanwhile a key villain turns out to be from generous, life-giving Altea (what?!).

We can’t see the sense of these added twists, and get challenged on stereotyping to boot, but –in real life– keep believing everything will work to good in the end… (Romans 8:28).

There’s sense in that mess…

9. There’s Greatness in You.

Sometimes the palladins got in bad – we’re gonna die— situations. Voltron out, equipment offline, collective energy and morale sapped. When all hope seemed lost, the palladins tapped into stuff beyond their technics– love, trust, hope, eachother.

Don’t keep your eyes on your (lack of) resources, degrees, connections, etc. There’s infinitely more in you than what you see.. (click to tweet)

“Don’t be afraid.. those with us are more than those with them,,.” (2 Kings 6:16-17)

*Bonus 10. Your own personal war won’t last Forever. (serious spoilers!)

In the last episode we witness the Lions, without palladins, take off into the skies. The dramatic realization that the intense burden to defend the Universe is lifted.

Who among us has no struggle? Sometimes it’s hard enough to get through the day, or make ends meet, or win personal battles or keep fighting for what we believe in.

The good hope remains that nothing–no pain or injury or process– lasts forever. Even the bible refs a time when wars cease and weapons are beaten into garden tools (eg Michah 4:3)

Hold on to hope, love, faith, and keep spreading grace. The Universe needs You.

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